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Winter tips: A word on Slip and Falls

As we are into the winter months, the weather outside is a whole lot colder. This comes with snow, wet slush and ice forming on the grounds. So if we are not careful, we can get ourselves into some troubles from injuries as a result of slipping and falling. This is especially serious for our senior population, since our bones are not as strong and as well our reflexes and balance are not as good as what they used to be. A regular fall on the ground for an adult or child might end up with bruising, but for an elderly it might mean a broken bone.

There are a couple of things that we want to watch for when we are venturing out onto ice and snow. First off, wear comfortable and safe footwear such as ones with rubber bottoms and thick treads. Avoid footwear with no tread or high heels as they tend to increase the chances of injuries. Secondly, try to walk with your arms out and not in your pocket or carrying a lot of heavy loads. You will need your arms to help avoid serious impacts which helps if they are not pre-occupied. Take slow and small steps if you are venturing into slippery areas. Finally, try to utilize any walking aids that you might have if you know that your balance and stability is an issue. Use of a cane, holding onto guard rails are different ways you can use to help minimize the risk of falling.

On a final note, for anyone that feels like they are not as steady as what they use to be. It is recommended that seeking a proper physiotherapy assessment is required in order to understand what you are really missing. For example, a lack of hip strength or balance might be contributing to your overall sensation of unsteadiness. As well, in the event of a fall, it is best to seek proper medical assessment and progress on with appropriate treatment.

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