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The 1-2-3 rule to pain

I believe that we all have an instance where this nagging pain in our body doesn’t seem to go away. It might have started from doing exercises at the gym, and noticing the slightest sensation of pain afterwards. We then try to push through only to find out that it is feeling worse down the road. Alternatively, we do a desk job on the computer 8 hours a day, and we start to feel slight discomfort which turns into sharper and sharper pain.

Once you are in pain, dealing with it just got a lot more agitating and causes inconvenience to your daily life routine. Sometimes simple motions that we take for granted are no longer easy. For example, think about motions such as bending or reaching for things which we do numerous times throughout the day. And now every single time you attempt to do those things, you are given a sharp painful reminder. There is definitely no need to expose ourselves to these scenarios, and we must take an active approach to manage it properly.

However as a general rule of thumb, if that slight nagging pain last more than 1 day and persists to the 2nd day, you should properly investigate your condition with a medical professional no later than the 3rd day. There are definitely management strategies for your specific condition, and it is always best to consult a medically trained professional such as a physiotherapist to help properly manage it.

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