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Many people who struggle with depression or anxiety have a life that is a revolving door of therapies. They will visit one therapist after another, travel to many various destinations in search of tools that will make their mood better. The hunt for therapy results in a stalled life with failed relationships, unemployment, and financial holes that only make the process harder and endless.

We measure treatment with various psychological tests to measure your exact problems and create a suitable healing program. One standard treatment for a wide array of issues is Neurotherapy.  

Everything you need to know about Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy is the golden treatment that trains the brain and ultimately causes a change in behavior and brain networks. It works by reducing your stress reaction, creating a clearer mind, and offering relief against cravings and withdrawals. Neurotherapy also works to give the body and mind healing from fatigue and pain.

Neurotherapy vs. addiction

Addiction is a complicated condition that becomes an illness when the patient no longer controls the symptoms. As a result, everyone has a unique recovery journey, with different physical and mental health results. It is common for users to experience stigma because society thinks they lack control, weakness, and discipline to kick away their drug habit. We do not share these mainstream perceptions because we know all the different ways addiction affects the brain.

Neuropathy in Salt Lake City reaches the deepest parts of the brain to help one relearn triggers and form a healthier habit of not relying on drugs. It is the best treatment because patients do not have to rely on long-term medication and intense therapy because their brain is now functioning at a new elevated state.

What to expect with Neurotherapy

The therapist measures your brain activity by attaching sensors to your head and adjusts the computer to feed you visual and audio data so you can form new brainwaves. A comprehensive assessment may include several medical exams, psychological tests, and EEG assessments to piece together a brainwave pattern for all your conditions.

Neuropathy treatment in Salt Lake City assumes that the brain produces specific patterns for specific conditions. The therapy technique works by identifying these abnormal patterns and producing corrective waves to enhance brain function. The non-invasive treatment is more beneficial than other treatments because it modifies both the brain and behavior pattern.

Conditions that are treatable with Salt Lake City UT Neurotherapy

Stroke effects

The brain experiences traumatic changes after a stroke; hence many people may exhibit memory loss, limited mobility, and tremors. It becomes difficult to perform everyday tasks like getting out of bed, preparing meals, walking, and bathing. Drug addiction treatment should always include neurotherapy to fix the traumatic effects of detox.

American Wellness and Rehab Clinic believe that electronics are far more effective than other rehabilitation tools. You are less likely to suffer from lethargy when you combat the problem from its root and gain an empowered understanding of the addiction. Our neuropathy doctor in SLC is happy to talk to you about the therapy when you get in touch at 801-327-8700, so you can book your first appointment.



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