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Everybody is unique. And every body is unique. At Amberlea Physiotherapy, these two statements form the very backbone of our care, our team, our treatments, and our commitment to our clients.

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Having opened our practice in 2016 in Pickering, Ontario, the Amberlea Physiotherapy team has, for the last five years, spent every minute of every day passionately engaged in learning and listening. Learning about our clients; listening to your problems and needs; assessing your injuries; and using our expertise to help you achieve your treatment goals and an end result that offers a release from pain or discomfort. Our approach is a holistic one, on the understanding that a pain-free body can lead to a happy mindset and a life well-lived. We are passionate about what we do. We are curious and empathetic about what you, our clients, are going through. And we are dedicated to exploring the best possible treatments for each injury in relation to each unique body, as well as discovering and treating the root cause to ensure a fix for the long-term.

Custom & Effective Treatment Methods

With all of this in mind, it should come as no surprise that every treatment we undertake is carefully considered and tailored to your specific situation, injury, comfort level and your unique physiological makeup. This means that we are incredibly detail-oriented: we place enormous emphasis on discovering every detail about you, your injury, your pain points, your lifestyle, and your comfort levels to ensure that any treatment or therapy performed works for you – on every level.

This approach also means placing emphasis on educating our clients. After identifying your issue, we will explain our findings in simple terms to help you understand how your injury or issue may affect your daily life and activities, as well as outlining possible solutions to ensure that they don’t. We are then 100% committed to working with you to set realistic, achievable targets to get you and your body to a place where you are able to live your best life.


We're Constantly Up-Skilling Our Staff

With our clients being our main priority, we are constantly looking for ways to make you feel welcomed and at ease in our clinic. This same ethos extends to each of our team members: our clinic is a place where we all work together for the good of everyone who steps through our doors. Our team is constantly sharing findings and new learnings and ideas with each other in order to become better practitioners, and, ultimately, to better serve you, our clients.

Lastly, with COVID-19 still top of mind for all of use, please rest assured that we adhere to stringent standards of cleaning, sanitization, and proper social distancing requirements to ensure the safety of all clients and staff. Your health and well-being is our top priority, in all aspects of our practice.

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